By joining an association, members engage in the collective ownership of MSF and oversight of its leadership. Membership means you can demonstrate and exercise your individual commitment to humanitarian action and keep MSF true to its mission. You can become involved in many ways: by speaking, sharing, questioning, criticizing and debating. 
As a member you also have the right to vote, the right to propose motions, and the right to become a candidate for the Board. The members of the association also elect the members of the Board. Such involvement is essential to create and sustain a vibrant culture and makes MSF a critical and dynamic international movement.

Criteria for Membership

The criteria for membership vary from section to section. If an individual wants to join the MSF-HK association, s/he must:
1) have a demonstrated commitment to the principles enshrined in the Charter;
2) have commitment to MSF-HK;
3) be able to speak and understand English in a communicative level;
4) pay annual membership fees (HKD50); and
5) be willing to vote at general meetings.
To be eligible for membership, the following types of persons must fulfill the relevant requirements stated below:
MSF-HK field workers:
Minimum cumulative six months of MSF mission experience in the field.
MSF-HK office staff:
Minimum cumulative twelve months of service in the MSF-HK offices.  
MSF national staff in China and in Asia:
Minimum cumulative twelve months of service in the MSF missions in China or other Asian countries.
Nominated members:
Any person who has made a valuable contribution to MSF and is nominated by an Association member.
Office volunteers:  
Minimum cumulative 500 hours of voluntary service over a duration of at least two years in MSF-HK offices.