Association is all about participation. We encourage members to stay in close contact with the Association by different means of communication. Here are some of the associative events that are held regularly for members to join: 

The General Assembly

The annual MSF-HK General Assembly is the heart of MSF-HK’s internal democracy and is the associative event of the year. The Board and Executive Director explain the new policies and strategies, new Board members are elected, hot issues are discussed and motions are voted upon. It is the opportunity for people from all corners of MSF-HK to come together and for members to catch up with ex-colleagues and old friends.

The International Board Meeting

Every year in spring the International Board Meeting is organized. This is the other main associative event, and the three International Board members will come to Hong Kong to join the meeting. The Meeting is partly open, partly closed. The International Board meeting is another opportunity for MSF-HK association members to have their say and give direction to the development of MSF-HK.

Open Board Meetings

The Board may decide to organize additional open Board meetings to discuss identity and strategic issues with the association members. The Board will aim to invite some association members from the region to Hong Kong.

Associative Gatherings

The MSF-HK association will organize associative gatherings for members in the region. These include social events, information sessions about latest development in the movement or debates on specific topics.

Annual Dinner

It is a good tradition to join together in the days after Chinese New Year for the MSF-HK Annual Dinner. The Dinner is a social event, and not only for MSF-HK association members. Invited guests, the advisory committee members, office volunteers, and staff and field volunteers who are not association members will also be invited.