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For some people, we are their only hope for medical care. 

 - Dr Ajmal

After the change in government in the country, many organisations left or had funding cut, which also impacted many health facilities. 

For many families in Afghanistan, the fee for medical care is often unaffordable. Many of our patients even need to sell their possessions just to pay for a car ride to a facility that still functioning. Thanks to our independent funding from people like you, MSF can still provide free and quality medical assistance to the people in need in afghanistan.

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@Oriane Zerah

A pregnant woman hit by a stray bullet

She arrived the the MSF hospital in a critical condition. 

Our doctor Dr Ajmal recalled "The woman lived in a distant village. She and her family had travelled 100 km to reach our hospital. She had been hit in the abdomen by stray bullet and our team would have to work fast. "

Very sadly, an ultrasound showed that the bullet had hit the woman's baby and the baby had died. But there was still a chance to save the mother. She was being rushed in our operating theatre.

@Kate Stegeman/MSF

A boy with cold hands and feet

"Why is my baby's foot cold?" Zainab asked a medic, holding the ankle of her one-year-old son. 

The boy was diagnosed with measles. His hands and feet were cold because he was in a critical condition, suffering from severe pneumonia and low blood pressure. 

The MSF team at the hospital did everything they could, giving him oxygen, antibiotics and glucose to fight off the complications. But despite the intensive care, he passed away. 


Decades of conflict and instability have left Afghanistan's economy and infrastructure in ruins. Many afghans are dependent on humanitarian assistance and still struggle to access basic and emergency medical care due to insecurity, high costs, lack of transportation options and the fact that many health facilities lack the staff and equipment they need.


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MSF Work in Afghanistan

Thanks to our independent funding, we are able to continue running 5 projects across the country, providing both emergency and everyday medical care.