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I am a woman of transgender experience. This means that I was assigned the letter “M” as my gender marker at birth: male.
I firmly believe that in the near future, Nyanhial will regain her ability to walk normally and return to a normal life.
Adrilli Anna Robert is a midwife in the maternity ward of a hospital in Lankien, South Sudan. She has been working for MSF since 2021, and she has participated in the Nursing and Midwifery initiative of the MSF Academy for Healthcare, which aims to...
Performing surgery on a newborn baby is always considered a high-risk procedure, regardless of the location. In underdeveloped regions, such kind of operations pose even greater challenges and are seen as a daunting task.
As I rushed to the scene, I was surprised to find a group of Chinese in red work uniforms speaking Mandarin. One among them laid on the bed, moaning in agony.