Please consider the following criteria for working with MSF:

  • 1/8
    Have you read the principles of MSF?
  • 2/8
    Do you meet the general criteria for working in the field?
  • 3/8
    Do you meet the specific requirements for the role you are going to apply for
  • 4/8
    Are you clear about what to expect from the life on a mission, including but not limited to security and cultural contexts, living conditions and stress from emergency work?
  • 5/8
    Do you know our behavioural commitments and our ongoing actions to promote a work environment free of harassment, exploitation and abuse?
  • 6/8
    Do you know what MSF offers to our field workers?
  • 7/8
    Have you read our arrangements on assessment?
  • 8/8
    Do you understand that this is an application for our field worker pool, and that you will be matched to a role later on if your application is successful?

Now that you have thoroughly understood the above, you are invited to begin your MSF journey with us. 

First, you will complete the online application. Please note that you have 30 calendar days from account creation to application submission. If you do not hear from us within 12 weeks, you may consider your application unsuccessful.

Given the volume of applicants vis a vis needed positions in the field, please also note that priority processing will be given to multi-lingual (French, Spanish and/or Arabic) applicants as part of our hiring needs.




Should you need further clarifications or encounter problems while applying online, please contact us at: