Full moon and reunion

I love Mid-Autumn Festival since I was a kid. There is no exception during the mission and I have also prepared moon cakes, candles, as well as cute rabbit lanterns form Hong Kong and ready to celebrate this traditional and special Chinese festival with my colleagues in Pakistan. 
Most of my colleagues are from Europe, North America and Africa, and not too familiar with Chinese traditional festival, I also want to take this opportunity to promote something about Chinese culture to them. When talking about one of the meanings of this festival is reunion, just like the completeness of the full moon, we have some mixed feelings. Yes, we are a group of people who leave our homes, leave our families and go to a strange country to be field workers. In the mission, sometime, the results were discouraging in many cases due to limited resources. When somebody has frustration, discouraging moment and feeling loneliness in the field, but says I do not miss my home and family, it is a lie! I still remember the smiles from my colleague when he was talking to his two lovely daughters through skype. 
I always think what are the reasons that making people leaving their comfort zone, away from their families, but still can persistently and enjoyably to work under such harsh working environment. When I see the health care situation in the project has been gradually improving because of the presence of MSF, I know the answer and understand everything is worth it. 
I have been in mission for almost nine months, homesick now for sure and want to have my favorite sushi, noodles and shrimp wontons in Hong Kong, and the appointment of hot pot that I have already made. 
At last, may I wish everyone a Happy Mid-Autumn Festival, and have warm reunion with your family and friends.