Indonesia: Tsunami Emergency Response period in Banten Province ends; MSF to continue interventions for recovery phase

On 5 January, 2019, the Indonesian government has officially declared the end of the tsunami emergency response in Banten Province which resulted to some humanitarian actors withdrawing their presence and resources from the Labuan and Carita Sub-districts. However, MSF will continue its medical interventions in the tsunami affected areas.
“MSF will be staying in Banten for a longer term as we have been running an adolescent health project in the area since early February 2018. We have offered to provide follow-up medical care to the victims and survivors of the tsunami and help in the recovery phase,” said Daniel von Rège, the MSF Head of Mission in Indonesia. 
As of 7 January 2019, MSF has treated 106 patients in the health centers of Labuan and Carita. Our mobile clinics have reached 677 patients. In total, we have treated 783 patients.
Moving forward, MSF is also looking at extending its medical support to the health centres in the villages and hamlets during the recovery/transition phase. 
On 9 January, MSF distributed hygiene kits to 500 households of internally displaced peoples (IDPs) living in IDP sites/hosting communities with low hygiene conditions. There were 500 packages of hygiene kits consisting of a bucket, soap, toothpaste, toothbrush, towel, sanitary napkin, detergent, dish soap, trash bag, underwear for male and female.