Mental Health Specialist / Psychologist

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Mental health services play a vital role in many of MSF’s projects around the world. MSF provides mental health and psychosocial support activities in a large variety of contexts, for example:

  • emergencies (natural and manmade disasters)
  • protracted/chronic-ongoing crisis
  • excluded and marginalized populations (survivors of sexual and gender based violence, victims of urban violence, minorities, migrants, etc.)
  • integration with medical care (HIV/AIDS, TB, haemorrhagic fever, etc.)

Most of the programmes consists of both clinical (individual and groups) and community-based component and require an integrated medical-psychological-social approach.

Role of Mental Health Specialist / Psychologist:

  • Managing overall mental health programme.
  • Leading the program for people being treated for HIV/AIDS and/or Tuberculosis, plan support activities for people affected by emergencies (such as armed conflict or natural disasters), implement a support program for victims of sexual violence or coordinate a program for migrant population. Most of the programs consists of both clinical (individual and groups) and community-based components and require an integrated medical - psychological - social approach.
  • Coordinating and supervising the different mental health and psychosocial support activities.
  • Recruiting, train and supervise local professionals who carry out the mental health and psychosocial support interventions in health facilities and in the community.


  • Masters in Clinical Psychology or equivalent
  • Having 2 years of clinical experience to adults/ children
  • Registered in a recognized professional body
  • Desirable experience in training/ supervision and clinical practice in post-traumatic stress, sexual violence, HIV/ AIDS or any other chronic disease
  • Experience in either post-traumatic stress disorder or trauma and related areas
  • Preferably experiences in international working area with various populations and cultures
  • Availability for 6 - 12 months for each assignment
  • Adhere to our Behavioral Commitments and MSF Charter


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