MSF set up mobile clinic in Beira, Mozambique to cope with victims’ medical needs

MSF continues to expand our emergency responses in Mozambique for victims of Cyclone Idai at the outskirts of Beira city. Our emergency team set up mobile clinic in the area around Centro de Saude Marocanne health centre. The health centre itself is entirely destroyed, the MSF team provides primary healthcare consultations going door-to-door in the neighbourhood. Mainly the team treated small wounds, stomach issues (particularly intestinal worms) and respiratory tract infections.

While conducting door-to-door mobile clinics, the MSF team encountered some families building new houses - their former houses were completely destroyed.  This is a situation faced by tens, potentially hundreds, of thousands of people in the cyclone- and flood-affected areas of Mozambique.

MSF ran an HIV/AIDS care programme in Munhava Health Centre until the facility was destroyed in the cyclone that hit the city on 14th March. The MSF emergency team is working to install a new roof so the centre can restart activities again.

The MSF house, doubling up as the office, in Beira city. This is serving as the first base for MSF's emergency response to the flooding after Cyclone Idai tore through the city. Other MSF emergency teams have already started arriving and additional MSF operations bases will be set up as MSF's response scales up.

While MSF emergency teams respond to catastrophic flooding in Mozambique, the MSF supply warehouse in Brussels is busy filling orders for our three flights carrying emergency supplies set to leave for Beira airport on Sunday night.