My first day: full of surprises

It took me more than 7 hours car movement to arrive at Bossangoa. We started at 6:15am and swapped car with an outcoming expatriate which is a good friend of mine. She's a Dutch medical doctor who worked with me 2 years ago in Nasir, South Sudan. It's a pity we met like that and can't work together again. She has already in the project for 6 months and totally exhausted, it's time for her to leave and take a good rest. 
On arrival, I just have time for a short briefing and touring at the emergency room then I needed to start my first operation with a young man with trauma to the left side of abdomen in shock; and it turned out to be ruptured spleen, without the operation he will surely die in 1 or 2 days. He's lucky we are there! 
While I planned to have detail briefing with our Project Coordinator after the operation, here came a 10 year old boy fell from a mango tree and  sustained a severe head injury, comatose with sign of severe brain damage that required an immediate brain surgery to evacuate the accumulated blood clot. And when we finished and returned to base. It's already 11pm. So that's my first day at Bossangoa. Full of surprises!