Registered Nurse

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Nurses save lives in a variety of conflic zones; Organizing a mass vaccination intiative for measles or triaging an influx of displaced people fleeing conflict, also work a lot with paediatrics, infectious disease, Emergency room, ICU, obstetrics, nutrition or operating theatre department. 

Some of the responsibilities can be : 

  • Planning and organising all nursing related activities (IPD, OPD, maternity, nutrition, etc.) When needed, being responsible for scheduling duty rosters, shifts and on call of nursing staff.

  • Coordinating and supervising the implementation of the legal therapeutic protocols, procedures and standards, depending on project objectives (PPTCT, PEP, VCT, IEC, SGBV, MH services, etc.) and providing technical support when needed.

  • Supervising the nutritional activities in order to ensure that therapeutic food is provided regularly and that it complies with quality and quantity standards

  • Ensuring all administrative procedures and documents (individual patient’s card and registration book, discharge paper, transfer paper, etc.) and existing data management tools are used correctly

  • Collaborate with the Pharmacist and Medco, supervising the distribution (according to medical prescriptions) and pharmacy activity, preparing new orders when required, supervising expiration terms and consumption patterns, in order to ensure that pharmacy stock levels are permanently updated and above minimum safety point.


  • Licensed, registered nurse (RN) with 2 years of working experience
  • Current experience with direct patient care
  • Prior training and people management experience is essential 
  • Infection Prevention and Control (IPC) Diploma and experience is desirable 
  • Available for at least 6 -12 months per each assignment
  • Adhere to our Behavioral Commitments and MSF Charter

*Priority will be given to multi-lingual (English AND French) applicants


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