Surgeon / Orthopaedic Surgeon

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MSF works with qualified, specialist, motivated surgical teams who provide high-quality care for patients.

Our surgical projects deliver high-quality standardised care (protocols, hygiene, technical platform and medicinal products) and, despite the unstable or remote settings in which we work, MSF provides the appropriate expatriate and local human resources to ensure the provision of high-quality care for patients.

Our need for surgeon and orthopaedic surgeons is increasing and critical for our projects because: 

  • They contribute their expertise to the overall care of patients.
  • They also play a role in training and in sharing expertise with local doctors.

Responsibilities :

  • Undertake pre-operative consultations, evaluating the surgical risks with the anaesthetist, and obtaining the patient’s signed consent to operate
  • Carry out emergency and scheduled surgical interventions
  • Provide post-operative clinical care and carry out ward rounds (in collaboration with the anaesthetist, operating theatre nurse and ward staff)
  • Coordinate the implementation of MSF clinical policies, tools, guidelines and protocols
  • Organise the hospital emergency disaster response plan and run practice drills
  • Manage, train and supervise the surgical team



  • Certified Surgeon, who has attained Fellowship
  • Ability to perform general surgery including Caesarean sections.
  • Some experience in A&E and orthopedics is desirable (for Orthopaedic Surgeon)
  • Valid degree and current license
  • Ability to work with limited resources
  • Availability of 8 – 12 weeks (minimum) per each assignment
  • Willingness to work in unstable environments
  • Adhere to our Behavioral Commitments and MSF Charter
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