This is how we work out in South Sudan.


“We know about Cholera, Meningitis, Malaria, Polio, small pox… They are the old diseases killing millions of people in last century. In many developed countries, people got vaccination and better health care, they are no longer untreatable.

Working for water supply is my expertise. And working for latrines is my interest. I love to share with friends about water supply before dinner, and share with friends about toilet construction after dinner.

After 9 months’ mission in Afghanistan, I am now in South Sudan for an emergency mission. South Sudan separated from Sudan in July last year and it is the youngest country.

I am a Logistician and working with MSF since last 5 years but this was my first mission and first time worked out of Pakistan with MSF.
I’ve been to lots of developing countries, but have never seen anywhere like this. Walking into the centre is disconcerting – in any capital city you expect a minimum level of traffic and infrastructure, but here there is virtually nothing.
I grew up abroad and have spent a large part of my life living and working in different cultures.
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