Near dinner time, the phone rang as usual, colleagues informed me there was something urgent and needed my hands.
I am now in Islamabad, the capital of Pakistan, and have been waiting for a week for a special permit to my workplace, Pakistan's Chaman.
© Baikong MAMID/MSF

"Friday was my flight to Cebu and the plane was completely full, partly with aid workers from various parts of the world.

Despite the surprise of finding Gweru recently on a world map (in the absence of the likes of Harare and Bulawayo) the fact remains that Gweru is, in reality, a small town that feels like a large village.  I’m certain that I could walk from one side
White noise. I’m hunched over the radio, but however close I lean to the receiver, I just hear white noise. I’ve got my eyes closed and I’m frowning.  I’m actually trying to squint with my ears.
The mango season is coming to an end, but the heat persists.  It's 35 degrees Celsius, inside the office! Sweat is dripping down my face, down my arms, down my back.  There is nowhere to escape the heat.
Ntabamhlope is one of my favourite clinics. And it’s not just the fascinating name that I enjoy. It’s the cross-country journey we take to get there. It’s the ancient, broad trunked tree in the corner of the compound.
The mango season is over here in Gweru, but everything else, for me, is just beginning.  The slow learning of language and landscape that makes me feel like an infant again.  Adjusting to a climate that finds me shivering in the early hours and then
How do you feed a baby with no maman?  To most of us, the answer to this question is not complicated: formula milk.  When I ask this question in Central African Republic(CAR);  peoples expressions become serious and dark; "impossible".
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