Worldwide Operations Highlights

Below are the highlights of MSF activities in 72 countries and regions in 2021:


Conducted 12,592,800 outpatient consultations Admitted 1,044,000 patients



Admitted 1,264,500 patients to emergency rooms Vaccinated 3,100,000 people routinely




Vaccinated 1,628,600 people against measles in response to an outbreak Performed 111,800 surgical interventions involving the incision, excision, manipulation or suturing of tissue, requiring anaesthesia


Treated 2,681,500 malaria cases Treated 50,200 people for cholera


Admitted 203,400 malnourished children to outpatient feeding programmes Treated 30,200 people to first-line treatment on HIV antiretroviral under direct MSF care



Admitted 7,330 people to second-line treatment on HIV antiretroviral under direct MSF care Conducted 161,300 diabetes consultations

Admitted 15,400 patients to first-line tuberculosis treatment Admitted 1,840 people to multidrug-resistant tuberculosis treatment


Assisted 317,300 women to deliver babies, including caesarean sections Treated 34,800 people for sexual violence



Received 35,200 women and girls for safe abortion care Conducted 383,300 individual mental health consultations



Distributed relief items to 639,000 families