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2022/07/13: MSF Day Finale: Cross regional volunteers filled gaps on map to support frontline aid team (Press release)

"7.7 MSF Day" was launched in 2004 as part of MSF Hong Kong's 10th Anniversary Campaign to raise more awareness and funds. To encourage the public to help save lives of people in need, different sectors of the community are invited to volunteer for MSF by donating a day's effort.


On Track to Save - MSF Orienteering Competition

"On Track to Save - MSF Orienteering Competition" is organised by MSF since 2002. It has been the largest orienteering competition in Hong Kong since then. It allows supporters of MSF, without being in the front line, to experience the challenges faced by MSF field workers, who walk through some of the world's most testing environments to provide medical aid to patients in the front line.

For participants to further experience the life-saving journey of an MSF field worker, all of them will be assigned an MSF field worker identity. Participant can choose to complete an additional "Frontline Mission" on top of the orienteering check points.