Our Events


"7.7 MSF Day" was launched in 2004 as part of MSF Hong Kong's 10th Anniversary Campaign to raise awareness of the importance of medical humanitarian work of MSF. 

In 2023, "7.7 MSF Day" was closed with the "Can we hear' Silent Concert – a themed music performance with a focus on displaced populations. Local singers and groups performed, accompanied by multimedia presentations showcasing the experiences of displaced individuals forced to migrate due to conflicts, natural disasters, climate change, and other reasons. The audience wore wireless headphones to enjoy the live performance, which isolated external noise and allowed participants to attentively listen to the stories of displaced individuals from around the world. 


On Track to Save

In 2002, MSF Hong Kong organised the first "On Track to Save" event, allowing supporters of MSF in Hong Kong to experience the challenges faced by MSF field workers who trek thousands of miles to provide medical services at the frontlines of areas of distress through an outdoor orienteering competition. 

In 2024, coinciding with the 30th anniversary of MSF Hong Kong, "On Track to Save" has introduced a new format of a running race for the first time. Over a thousand participants had the opportunity to directly experience the race against time faced by field workers on the frontlines in saving lives. The event took place at the Main Dam of Tai Mei Tuk Plover Cove Reservoir, creating a simulated setting resembling South Sudan, an African country frequently affected by flooding and where people rely on a dam for their daily commute. As the runners competed on the dam, they could feel the challenges faced by medical teams during life-saving operations in flood-stricken areas.