Already impoverished and traumatised, the displaced have been the targets of ongoing, rampant abuse and aggression. Over the last twelve months, the violence and displacement in north and central Katanga have escalated, with 92,000 people now known to be displaced. Already impoverished and...
This has been the most quiet and relaxing evening for me so far in Monrovia. Four people left yesterday. John and Mike are on emergency OT in the hospital. I'm off duty today. Other people are not around and I'm alone in the compound.
Hello. Greetings from Kashmir.
Yesterday was Valentine's Day. I met a few nice people here, whom I want to introduce to you.
Hi! Happy Valentine's Day!
Dear friends in Hong Kong,
I woke up early again at 00:30. I was kept awake because of so many stimulating thoughts.
"Now our teams will be able to resume their daily work: to provide essential medical services to most vulnerable and displaced civilians in Colombia." The two staff members of the international medical aid organisation Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF), that were detained by an armed group in the...
I have to wake up early so that I can use the computer since the power supply is cut off at six. I worked hard yesterday and returned late, nearly at midnight.
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