Charitable Trusts and Foundations

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Charitable Trusts and Foundations are important partners for Médecins Sans Frontières, enabling us to deliver vital medical aid to people in distress and alleviate the suffering of those in the greatest need.

MSF works in many settings that need a rapid response by deploying specialized medical and logistical help, as well as with longer-term projects designed to tackle health crises.   On top of immediate healthcare work, we also provide clean drinking water, offer training to local staff and conduct community health education programmes.  Our ability to react promptly is only possible because of the support we receive from donors like our Emergency Relief Partners.

We recognize the commitment of our foundation donors and are happy to discuss specific funding requests that to match the unique philanthropic goals of each foundation. To ensure the funding we received is spent reaching people in need in the most effective and cost-efficient manner we regularly monitor and evaluate the effects of our activities. 

To find out more about how your foundation can support our work, please contact Ms. Diby Lau at 
(852) 2959-4295 or

Name: Diby Lau
Contact Number: 2959 4295