Emergency Relief Partner

In the face of emergencies, a prompt response is critical to saving lives.  As one of the world's leading providers of vital emergency relief, MSF relies on partners and organisations to be able to react quickly and deliver life-saving medical assistance when it matters most.

MSF's primary objective is always to put boots on the ground as soon as possible after a disaster occurs so help can begin without delay; however, raising awareness about it and mobilizing sufficient funds are equally important factors.

Our Emergency Relief Partners play an essential role in MSF's ability to react to humanitarian crises.  Their donations provide vital resources, while through their connections locally our work is spread further and deeper than ever before - ensuring that no disaster goes unnoticed.

One such partner is the Li Ka Shing Foundation which is deeply committed to MSF's mission in providing medical humanitarian assistance for all.  As one of MSF's long-time supporters, the Li Ka Shing Foundation also considers medical care as a basic need, and we are thankful for their generosity which has enabled us to make a meaningful impact on the populations we assist.


The Li Ka Shing Foundation is supporting MSF's work in response to the powerful earthquakes south of Türkiye that have caused devastation on a vast scale.  Throughout the region, houses and buildings have been destroyed, leaving thousands homeless and without basic necessities.  The massive consequences of this disaster will require an equally massive international response.  People urgently need shelter, food, blankets, clothes, heating materials, hygiene kits, and medical assistance - including access to mental health support.  With contributions from supporters like Li Ka Shing Foundation, MSF can continue to respond to a very fast-moving and challenging situation.  For more details on this crisis click here.