Donation FAQs

You can make a direct deposit to the MSF bank accounts at:
HSBC 002-4-398224
Bank of China 012-566-0-000777-1

We accept donations in HKD or USD by Telegraphic Transfer to the following MSF accounts in Hong Kong

Bank name: Bank of China (Hong Kong) Limited (BOC) 
Account Holder: Médecins Sans Frontières (HK) Ltd. 
Account Number: 012-566-0-000777-1 (HKD account) 
                                 012-566-2-002945-6 (USD account) 
Bank address: 1 Garden Road, Central, Hong Kong

Bank name: The Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Ltd. (HSBC)
Account Holder: Médecins Sans Frontières (HK) Ltd.
Account Number : 004-002-4-398224 (HKD account)
         004-511-119034274 (USD account)
Bank address : 1 Queen’s Road, Central, Hong Kong  

Please note that transaction fees apply for overseas remittance. The receipt issued will be based on the net donation amount, in which the transaction fee has been deducted. For the details of transaction fees, please check with your local bank.

To obtain an official receipt, please send a copy of the telegraphic transfer instruction together with the donation form to us by mail or by fax. 

There are bank charges to MSF for all types of credit cards. Donors do not need to pay any of these fees.
A fee to set up the bank account autopay may be applied but this will vary depending on your bank. Please check with your bank for details. There are no transaction fees charged to MSF by any bank.
*Bank account autopay is only applicable to bank accounts registered in Hong Kong
Monthly credit card donations will normally be processed around the 15th of each month. If the donation is made through a bank account direct debit, it will be processed on the second business day of each month.
*Bank account autopay is only applicable to bank accounts in Hong Kong.
A donation confirmation letter will be sent to inform you of the first debit date of your monthly donation.
We will issue a receipt for all donations of HKD100 or above (Inapplicable to donation box).  Please provide the following information along with your donation:
•    Name of donor
•    Postal address
•    Telephone number
•    I.D. card number (Optional, to avoid duplication of records)
For one-off donations, a donation receipt will be sent about 15 working days following the date of your donation.
For monthly donations, a donation receipt will be issued after the end of each financial year for your entire year’s donation.
Not necessarily. The donation receipt will be issued according to the donor name and details specified on the donation form.
“MSF Field Partners” are our monthly donors. A monthly contribution as an MSF Field Partner enables us to launch relief operations swiftly to unforeseen emergencies and to plan for long term operations. It also helps to reduce our administration costs which then allows a higher percentage of the funding to be used in our medical relief operations.
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