Birthday Party Donation

Turn your birthday to a blessing to make it more meaningful! 

Customize your own birthday invitation card! By encouraging friends to donate instead of buying birthday gifts, you can support MSF to save more lives. Double your happiness and make your birthday even more meaningful! 
* For a total amount of HK$3,000 or above raised your birthday, you will receive a certificate of appreciation and a complimentary gift by MSF 

Birthday Party Donation Form

Supporter’s Sharing

In a birthday party for five-year-old twins, Gerard and Bernard. The guests brought donations to MSF instead of bringing presents. The boys’ mother, Michelle, said “We watched MSF’s field work videos and website together beforehand. They asked ‘Why do these children have no food? How come their hospital is in a tent and it’s different from that in Hong Kong?’ After hearing our explanation, they were willing to sacrifice their gifts to help others.”