Before and After: City girl in the bush – Two

- 5 minutes walking distance to Diamond Hill MTR station or Canary Wharf Underground station or 2.5 hrs train journey to Gare du Nord Metro station. 
- Shopping in Jubilee Place just round the corner
- Filling up her stomach with Cantonese dim sum 
- “TGIF”
- Running along the River Thames or La Seine  
- Indulgent with Mrs Chee (aka my mum) homemade soup or Dr Sham (aka my aunt) homemade Sunday roast   
- Rachel’s tent is within 1 minutes walking distance to Rachel’s Office (aka Pharmacy Rub Hall). 
- United Nation High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), Save The Children, Danish Refugee Council (DRC) etc are just around the corner. 
- Charcoal grilled BBQ Chicken, in-house baked bread, my favorite buttery/ sugary /fatty pancake, and international cuisine(s) made by expat(s)  with limited ingredient  were prepared  three times a day, seven days a week. 
- “TGIT“ (Friday to Thursday) with fresh fruit and yogurt delivered by flight.  
- Running in the airstrip with people from four different continents.   
- Indulgent (occasionally) of wine/ chocolate/ cheese/ liquor delivery from the expat’s beloved family and friends who live far far away. 
Last but not least,  
Radio handset is my new iPhone and Mosquito repellent is this season (i.e. malaria season)  “must-have-item“.
Frequently Asked Question (FAQ):
 “Wow. You got WiFi everywhere?”
“You should ask about the toilet, or the shower or the rat/ grasshopper/ mosquito/ lizard/ snake /spider /scorpion /ant /bug ) instead.”


South Sudan