Bahrain: Detained MSF staff released

An MSF staff member detained for weeks in Bahrain was released uncharged on the 11th of June 2011.  

Saeed Mahdi was arrested in Bahrain on the 6th May 2011, neither his lawyer nor family were granted access to him throughout his detention period.

MSF welcomes the  release of its  employee, and asserts that it is engaged in purely humanitarian medical activities in Bahrain, where its team has been on the ground since March 2011.

Since March 2011, MSF has seen close to 100 people too afraid to leave their homes to seek care in health facilities. MSF raised concerns about the loss of neutrality of Bahrain’s medical facilities, and the related deprivation of care to numerous sick and wounded people in a report issued in April 2011.

In Bahrain, MSF uses only private donations and no government funding.