Birthday pancakes on the front line

I had a birthday on the front line, Chaman, Pakistan
Early morning on my birthday, I was awakened by a series of door knocks. Bleary-eyed and opened the door and saw my colleague G was standing outside, with sly tone talked to me: "Come". I was wondering something serious happens?  Or, again, they have some crazy thoughts which making fun of people? I have to honestly say that, in addition to the excellent work of my colleagues, they are also a crafty team and love to make fun of others. On last April Fool's Day , they called more than a dozen people stormed into the office , pretending dissatisfied the personnel arrangements , claiming to strike in protest , scared personnel colleague did not know what to do.
Because of this experience, I followed G to the dormitory with some trepidation.  Dormitory door was opened slowly and I heard some strange sound inside. When I was going to bow my body for any hidden weapons, I saw this sentence "Happy Birthday Pong!" on the message board, accompanying with a very sweet birthday song and homemade pancakes. Oh!! It was for me, my birthday breakfast. 
I did not talk about my birthday to anyone, why would they know? At that time, colleague A, who is in-charge of personnel, also with the kind of sly eyes smiled to me, this is the answer. For pancakes, when I was still hesitated the presence of laxative, meanwhile, my colleagues have already finished the first one, and ready to take the second piece. See! They are so cunning. Just kidding, in fact, really want to thank my team for their preparation. In this small town with shortage of supplies, having amazing homemade pancakes for my birthday, I was really happy and satisfied.
After satiation, and soon returned to my workplace Emergency Room, colleague said to me: “Urgent case, patient in coma, yours!” Despite on the birthday, staff on the front line has no concessions.