Entry of an international team in Gaza

Many of our Palestinian colleagues continue to work tirelessly in support of the local health authorities across Gaza, where people with horrific wounds and severe burns are flooding the hospitals as a result of the continuous bombing.

An MSF team of 15 international and national staff entered #Gaza from Egypt via the Rafah crossing point. They will aim to support medical and surgical capacity in the Strip, where the healthcare infrastructure has collapsed, and medics are utterly exhausted.

They will be initially based in the southern part of the Strip. Unless a ceasefire is implemented, obtaining continuous and unhindered access to people across Gaza will remain a major challenge for our team.

Delivery of humanitarian aid to the North of the Strip remains extremely difficult and dangerous due to the insecurity and the unpredictability of the bombardments and ground warfare.

“We do everything we can to alleviate suffering in this catastrophic situation. We insist on our call for a ceasefire as an indispensable condition to end the carnage and allow aid to reach those who need it.” Christophe Garnier, Project Coordinator.