MSF and HKIE jointly organized a foundation course on emergency engineering

In response to the increasing demand for trained engineers in international emergency relief operations; the YMC (Young Members Committee) of the HKIE (Hong Kong Institution of Engineers) and MSF have, for the first time, jointly organized a foundation course on emergency engineering for engineering students and professionals.

Emergency engineering is a discipline that involves technical knowledge range from construction design to waste management, as well as executive skills range from security management to conflict resolution.

Upon completion of this course, participants are expected to have a comprehensive appreciation of a variety of synergetic engineering components that interact to deliver effective relief support.

The objective of this initiative is to strengthen the local engineering community's preparedness towards unpredictable global and regional disasters. The course consists of five sessions will be held on the evenings of 3rd, 16th, 31st January, and 21st, 28th February 2008.