"MSF Field Research" Website Goes Live

Médecins Sans Frontières announces the launch of "MSF Field Research", a new MSF website dedicated to field  research and publications. 

URL: http://fieldresearch.msf.org/ addition to providing humanitarian assistance, MSF has been very active in medical research and has published articles in more than 90 peer-reviewed journals. This research, based on its field work with vulnerable populations, has often changed clinical practice and health policy, and has been used for humanitarian advocacy.


Over 350 articles are already archived and MSF authors will continue to upload new ones as they are published.  Topics include HIV care, malaria, tuberculosis, leishmaniasis, emergencies, refugees and health politics, as well as abstracts presented at conferences by MSF representatives, the composition and evaluative framework of MSF's Ethics Review Board, and practical aspects of implementating programmes in the fields.

The website will archive all MSF scientific articles and make them available  free of charge in an easily searchable format that will be completely accessible to all.  No password required. In addition to browsing for articles directly on the site, search engines such as Google and Yahoo will be able to locate the articles directly. This will give health care workers in the field an invaluable resource.

We sincerely thank the many publishers, who normally charge to access their publications, for giving us permission to archive them for free. Finally, congratulations to all the MSF authors who have worked so hard to contribute various MSF experiences to the scientific literature. This archive is a tribute to their dedication and a showcase for their work.