MSF is sending more medical and other relief teams to assist victims of the Nepal Earthquake

The international medical humanitarian medical organization Médecins Sans Frontières / Doctors Without Borders (MSF) is sending 8 teams to assist those affected by the Earthquake in Nepal.
  • Four MSF teams departed this morning from Bihar state in India and are currently at the border with Nepal clearing with authorities before heading to the areas affected by the earthquake
  • A surgical team composed of 8 highly skilled staff, will, this afternoon leave Brussels for Kathmandu. The team will set up a surgical unit as well as run mobile clinics aimed at reaching affected people in remote areas.
  • One MSF team from Delhi, India is now headed for Kathmandu after initially being re-routed back to India due to aftershocks. The team is expected in Kathmandu later today and will start providing medical assistance. 
  • One team of medical and non-medical staff is headed for Kathmandu Valley from Japan. 
  • More emergency supplies are being sent from Bordeaux, France today. 
  • Another MSF team from Amsterdam will depart today with additional medical and water and sanitation capacity.
A 7.8-magnitute earthquake shook the Kathmandu Valley before noon on Saturday. Although the extent of the damages is still unknown, initial reports say houses and buildings collapsed in Kathmandu and surrounding areas. Tremors were also strongly felt in northern India, in the states of Bihar and Uttar Pradesh
Background information of MSF’s response in natural disasters: