MSF sends emergency team to the victims of fires in Peloponnesus, Greece

Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) sends an emergency team to provide medical and psychological assistance to the people stricken by the unprecedented fires raging throughout Greece and especially in the central and southern part of the country for six days now. The MSF team is going to support Peloponnese (southern Greece) health centres providing medical assistance to the victims of the most devastating consecutive fires the country has witnessed ever before and psychological support to the ones fleeing the fires.

More specifically, a team of medical doctors and psychologists will be in the Peloponnese region today, coordinating with the Ministry of Health in order to support different health centres. In addition, there will be a medical and humanitarian needs assessment on the ground to indicate whether further assistance in terms of either medical staff or emergency supplies is needed.

Updates will follow based on the latest information gathered by our team on the spot.