My international team

Always wanted to introduce my team, luckily, there was a picture drew by my colleague unintentionally, so just use it to explain what makes me proud of my team. My team consists of more than twenty people, composed by Pakistan local staff and seven international staff from different countries, followed by picturesque kittens.
Mr. N, logistician from U.K, responsible for all supports within the project, including water, power, gas, oxygen, machines, maintenance and renovation, computer, communications, equipment & drug procurement, transportation and storage, personnel recruitment and safety matters, etc... So his phone is always ringing. I remember there was a fire just behind our house, he was the first person to rush to the scene. He is so quietly to support the operation of the entire project, thus medical staff can have better focus to the casualty.
Dr. G, Dutch obstetrician/ gynecologist, of course, is responsible for the matters of obstetrics and emergency caesarean section. Her working hours is the most unstable, and sometimes received a phone call in the midnight, saying that there was a pregnant woman who had had low hemoglobin level and asked for the idea of blood transfusion or patient’s condition was not stable and caesarean section may be needed. Then she will be ready for immediate action, picked up a torch, put on the shawl, and simply talked to the project coordinator: "I go to BU (Birth Unit) ", then went straight to the maternity unit, no matter how late and tired.
Mr. P, ha ha, that is me, Chinese man, strolls at the emergency room all the time.
There is another Dr. G, a family doctor from Spain, chiefly responsible for the pediatric inpatient and ambulatory therapeutic feeding center (ATFC). Her work can be regarded as the longest, always more than 10 hours, and rare to see her in lunch break. We often advised her to take a break in a timely manner, she always said: "The ward is too busy or patients are not stable, so I can’t leave". Sunday may generally be said to be her normal day, I saw her standing in front of the house to dry cloth, then carefully cut into a small pieces of muslin, I asked her the use of these muslins, she said they are for my babies (she often says her patient as baby), because this is a good quality muslin, best for wrapping baby’s little body for warmth purposes. I know, no matter how cold the winter here, the ward would be very warm when she is there.
Dr. K, Dutch medical team leader, responsible for contacting all medical matters. No specific place of work, busy and running between various departments every day. In addition to the above mentioned obstetric unit, pediatric ward and emergency room, but also to take into account the laboratory and central pharmacy. She is a cat lover, and made a good friendship with our pregnant cat within two days. Because of such good relationship, the cat sent her a gift on her birthday, giving birth on her bed. We laughed and said you can have birthday party with the kittens every year.
Mr. E, Spanish project coordinator. I would say if I was the soldier of this project, he was the military advisor behind me, responsible for coordinating and planning the direction of the entire project. Even though he was very busy, whenever I needed him, he would immediately appear in front of me for help. I still remember one occasion, I needed to discuss something to the patient and his attendants, he said to me: "I believe in your medical decisions, for other annoying things, let me do it ". Having such responsible project coordinator, is a blessing for our team.
Dr. D, a flying pediatrician from Germany. Flying doctor said to him was not because he works in the sky, but he needs to fly regularly to and from different project locations to provide medical supports. He is primarily responsible for the neonatal intensive care services, patients mostly are preterm infants or having serious complications after birth. At dinner time, we all like to sit together to share about the situation of the day, it is a kind of ventilation for us to relieve some pressure during day. But, whenever came to his patients, he would say how many babies died today or the patient was too late arrival at the hospital. Just a little earlier, if they can, the psalm of life can be rewritten. Although the environment can sometimes make him frustrated, he had been doing very hard to find a solution for the dying infants. All I see from him is a benevolent figure.
My team to me, is a group of people with a common goal of chasing of life. Here, we do not have the best medical equipment, but the best team.