The Power of Nature

Today, I have witnessed South Sudan’s first rainstorm in 2013, which also signified the end of dry season and the beginning of rainy season. By the time I went back to the base, my tent was completely flooded with water and mud, and everything on the floor (backpack, computer, shoes, etc) was soaked. When I was emptying water from my tent, the clinic staffs reported that there were some urgent problems in the clinic – fences collapsed, security light failure, and generator stopped. The logistic team rushed back to the clinic to carry out emergency repairing. It was around nine when we returned to the base, and all of us were completely wet and exhausted. I took a shower and went to bed immediately, without even checking whether my computer still work or not. 
Perhaps the only thing to be glad in that evening was the cool weather, which made me fall asleep very quickly.