So far but So close: City Girl in the Bush – Four

Typhoon Haiyan, MSF and Myself
I am in the bush, somewhere in South Sudan; Typhoon Haiyan was in Philippines. The gap between us is approximately 10,000 km, that's so far away!
An email from MSF-HK regarding the arrival of the team from Emergency Response and Support Unit in Philippines has given me the first contact between Typhoon Haiyan and myself, even before I have read the news update from other media. 
This is then followed by the frequent emails update about the operation, casualty number, useful info etc.  These all have pulled the gap between us closer and closer.
Without a doubt, the disaster is devastating, But, I am glad the MSF-HK Emergency Response and Support Unit, which consist of the group of experience field workers, response to the situation so quickly. I am glad that we have the medical resources to support the operation from different part of the world. I am glad that there are lots of supports from the public to help the MSF to do what they need to do. 
I am not in the frontline for the Philippines. I am not here to do a story telling about the frontline. 
I am just here to say, I am glad that I am part of the MSF. 
This is the line that I would like to quote from the MSF-HK slogan in Chinese "即使不在前線,亦可參與救援" 


South Sudan