Splash of water

After 9 months’ mission in Afghanistan, I am now in South Sudan for an emergency mission. South Sudan separated from Sudan in July last year and it is the youngest country.

© Luke CHU


There are armed conflicts in Sudan, and the people are now fleeing to South Sudan. Tens of thousands of refugee displaced to Maban (the province in South Sudan adjacent to Sudan). The situation is so imminent and water is essential for the health of people. Without good quality and quantity of water, people will suffer. Many diseases come from the use of unclean water. I am responsible for the water supply system in the camp Doro. The length of water pipe network is 4km. We have a pumping station and it provides 250, 000L of water to the population every day. Imagine water of standard Olympic swimming pool is pumped through the pipeline and it feeds the population every day. With the continue influx of refugee, we have to act very fast to deal with everchanging condition. In 3 days, we installed 500m long pipeline to a remote village where it has no access to water.

© Luke CHU


When the water pipeline was in placed, I was anxious to know if it worked or not. Seeing the first splash of water from the tap, hearing the screams of children nearby, they are the greatest gifts.  

South Sudan