"Volunteer NGO of 2007" in Sudan: MSF emphasizes government's responsibility towards Darfur's civilians

The Republic of Sudan has decided to award "Volunteer NGO of 2007" to Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) in acknowledgement of its "professionalism and commitment"

MSF is using the opportunity of receiving the award to call attention to the continued crisis in Darfur. "In Darfur today, over 2 million people have fled their homes and are now trapped in camps, living in squalid conditions. Conflict and violence continues and meanwhile our aid effort is hampered by insecurity" says MSF's International President Dr. Christophe Fournier. "In Darfur, all parties to the conflict must guarantee the security of civilian populations and humanitarian workers in the provision of assistance to people in need. MSF is taking this opportunity to appeal to the government of Sudan to fulfil its humanitarian obligations towards its people."

MSF remains worried about the increased confusion between political action and impartial humanitarian assistance in conflict situations, and reaffirms its will to remain independent, impartial and neutral in order to be able to provide assistance to those most in need.