A woman’s work is never done: three front line stories from Asian ladies


Natasha, Lucy and AN Na come from different parts of Asia, with different cultural backgrounds and in different professions, but they share the same values and have become field workers for Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) to make a difference on the front line.

They do exactly the same work as their male counterparts but often in places and conditions that could be considered as particularly difficult for women.

Read the stories of Natasha, Lucy and An Na to learn the challenges faced by MSF field workers, and how their work is never done.

Dr. Natasha REYES is a medical doctor from the Philippines, she joined MSF in 2007 and went on many emergency missions around the world. She is currently a member of the Emergency Response Support Unit of MSF in Asia.

“As team leader of the mobile clinic, I need to know everything – not only about treating a patient as a doctor but also from budgeting to running the boat and other handyman’s work.”

Lucy is a logistician from Hong Kong, she joined MSF in 2011 and went to the MSF mission in Liberia. After she finished her mission, she keeps on supporting MSF’s work from HK.

“You can really build a latrine and a building, and people can really use it and benefit from it the next day. This is a very satisfying job.”

Dr. An Na is a gynaecologist from Beijing, she joined MSF in 2011 and joined MSF missions in many countries. She is currently working with MSF in Afghanistan.

“If there were no MSF, more mothers and their children, who should blossom like flowers, would have died.”