Maternal healthcare

Four MSF supported facilities have come under attack in the last year Abs hospital, in Hajjah governorate, northwestern Yemen, was hit by an airstrike at 3:45 pm local time on 15 August, killing at least 11 people and injuring at least 19. The blast immediately killed nine people, including a MSF...
Yesterday, I celebrated International Women’s Day which is essentially a day of solidarity for women fighting for human rights in different aspects of life.
Finding the essence of one’s existence is always an issue to people who has a boring and melancholic life.
I knew it.
I arrived back here in Khost two days ago and have been busy making my way around the maternity saying ‘as-salamu alaykum’ to all the familiar faces.
Just my luck.
A three-months break and I’m back in Afghanistan! I landed with good sunny weather, early in the morning when the heat had not yet set in.
In the streets of Chaman, in Pakistan’s southern state of Baluchistan, women are not easy to find.
With the recent wave of fighting extending every day, MSF teams are currently responding to the needs of the population in several locations in Iraq. In Najaf governorate, in southern Iraq, MSF is monitoring the situation closely and preparing an emergency response for a potential influx of...
MSF's hospital in Leer, South Sudan, was destroyed by unknown attackers four months ago. MSF project coordinator Sarah Maynard describes the devastation she witnessed on her return and the team's efforts to get medical services up and running again. "I'd been working in Leer hospital since...
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