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A typical Monday for me begins with a 4WD ride, heading over unpaved roads from the small town of Thyolo to Thekerani village where I spend most days of every week working.
The village of Thekerani is a far-flung village in Malawi, one of the least developed countries in the Southern Africa region. This is going to be my home for nine months. But getting here wasn’t really that easy.
"You have to know your limitations, we are not God." my teammate said. My eyes were red, from too many sleepless nights by being on call. They were getting redder and a bit moist.
Kamla was born in a remote Indian village Where conflicts between Maoists and government are long and lasting Villagers live in fear No basic healthcare, bad transportation, The instability worsens the problems
Bijapur, Chhattisgarh, India
What did you do today(Oct 6)?
South Sudan- It sounds like a place stricken by a biblical plague- disease after unimaginable disease, all come to rest in one pitiful region of a vast African country.
Dear friends,
My first journey to Africa was on 8th May, the plane landed safely in Nairobi international airport after 10 hours flight from Brussels. The next morning, I took another flight to Juba, the capital in South Sudan.
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