Other MSF staff

Think of the global fight against HIV/AIDS as the deciding match during a global football tournament... The massive international response to the HIV and AIDS epidemic has reached the HALFTIME mark after a decade of impressive progress.
Three weeks after Haiti's devastating earthquake and it is time for Isabelle Jeanson, MSF Operational Communications Support, to depart.
In any tragedy there are always miraculous moments. A couple of those moments occurred today.
Things are slowly changing. In fact everyday when I walk into our office and our hospitals there are small noticeable changes and supplies are finally piling up in our storage, there is some order to the madness. MSF’s program is also evolving.
I had the scare of my life this morning. I had hoped I could sleep in an extra 10 minutes because I’ve been working on 5 hours a night for the last week and am hitting the bottom of the barrel.
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