MSF Hong Kong would like to thank all donors and the following corporations, organisations, schools, institutions and office volunteers for their generous support to our work.



Armor Pluses Trading Company Limited
BB Group Company Limited
Bee Music Limited
Consolidated Marketing Group Int'L Wealth Management Limited 
Credit Suisse (Hong Kong) Limited
Cushman &  Wakefield (HK) Ltd
Deutsche Bank AG
Evercom International Ltd
Global Call Limited
Honesty Trading Development Co., Limited
Human Health Medical Centre
Jebsen & Jessen Group
Nova Dynamic Media Co., Ltd
Ocean Unicorn Technology Limited 
Octal Capital Limited 
PwC Singapore
Ruang Komunal Indonesia from Facebook
Samily Group Company Limited 
Tai Shing Group (Holdings) Co Ltd
TMF Hong Kong Limited
Tokachi Gyuu Japanese Restaurant
Vitrox Technologies Sdn. Bhd.
Wilson Garment Accessories (Int'L) Ltd
Winga Apparel Group Ltd
Workcave Limited

Foundations / Funding bodies

Tunku Abdul Rahman Foundation


Professional institutions

Celia P. F. Tang
The Nethersole School of Nursing,
Faculty of Medicine,
The Chinese University of Hong Kong
Zhong Lun Law Firm
MDSSC, Queen Elizabeth Hospital

Community group / association

Hong Kong Theatre Works 香港戲劇工程



Choi Wan Saint Joseph's Primary School 
Chan Sui Ki Perpetual Help College
Mary Of Providence Primary School Parents Teacher Association
Diocesan Girls' School
Mei Lam Estate To Kwong Kindergarten
Ying Wah Girl's School


Philippine Press Institute


Office volunteers

Ethan Chow
Patrick Fung
Danny Leung
Phoebe Li
Pauline Ng

The office volunteers listed above provided services for 24 hours or more in 2020. We are also thankful to other volunteers who contributed their precious help. 

Board of Directors of MSF Hong Kong


Dr. Day-seng TAN1 Dr. Shut-wah CHAN2


Vice Presidents: 

Dr. Shut-wah CHAN3 Dr. Sartini SAMAN1 Dr. Chen-kun LIU2 Alvin Kuo-jing TEO2



Kwong-wai CHAN1


Interim Treasurer:

Alvin Kuo-jing TEO2



Dr. Sweet C Barangan ALIPON1 Dr. Marlene LEE1 Dr. Wilson LI Catherina Philomena Henrica COPPENS Dr. Shannon Melissa CHAN4 Karin Purthany MOORHOUSE4


Finance, Audit and Risk Committee of MSF Hong Kong



Kwong-wai CHAN1 Alvin Kuo-jing TEO2



Benson CHENG5 Catherina Philomena Henrica COPPENS Webster Kam-wah NG Karin Purthany MOORHOUSE2 Carter Ting-cheong CHIM6 Dennis Wui-wing IP7


Legal Advisors

Frederick Hui Lawrence Hui



   Resigned on 29 Aug 2020 
   Appointed on 30 Aug 2020
3    Until 29 Aug 2020
4    Appointed on 29 Aug 2020
5    Resigned on 30 Sept 2020 
6    Appointed on 9 Nov 2020
7    Appointed on 11 Nov 2020
8    Appointed on 1 Dec 2020


As of December 2020, the MSF Hong Kong has 70 staff and 5 regular office volunteers who help with office tasks.