Logistics coordinator Ricardo Martínez is leader of one of the first MSF emergency teams to arrive in Türkiye following the 6 February earthquakes. He describes the situation in the city of Adiyaman.

Helping people restore their eyesight helps them regain their independence

A torrential rain hit as I was writing this journal (in Oct 2022), the communication system is spreading the news of a Category 6- Storm alert. Refugee camps nearby got hit by slope failure, some shelters were partially damaged.

Earlier this year Dr Darren Pezzack, an Australian advanced trainee emergency registrar, was part of the very first Médecins Sans Frontières’ team to work in the Pacific island nation of Kiribati. 

When a young woman arrives at the MSF hospital in Lankien, medical treatment is not the only care she needs. Mental health supervisor Ngueny Deng Pal shares the story…

When you meet people and you say you work for MSF, they always say “Oh, are you a nurse or a doctor?” Everyone thinks it’s a bunch of doctors running a clinic somewhere far away.

Moses Soro is an MSF Finance & HR Manager based in the UK. From child refugee to MSF field worker, he shares his story… 

Plumpy’nut. I hadn’t seen it for decades. 

Dr Morten Rostrup from Norway is working with MSF in Kharkiv providing medical consultations in the underground stations where people are sheltering.

On the morning of Friday 01 April, Médecins Sans Frontières / Doctors without Borders (MSF) finalized its first medical train transfer of patients in Ukraine.

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