Juliana Alexander Justin works in our emergency department in South Sudan as a clinical officer*.

Zakia Abubakr, Cook at OCG coordination in Khartoum

Cooking is not just a job for me; it's my passion. Food is a reflection of culture, and Sudanese cuisine is a true testament to our rich heritage. 

Marie-Aure Perreaut Revial has recently returned from Gaza, where she worked as the emergency coordinator for MSF. Here she bears witness to the experiences of the MSF staff and patients she met during her time there…

In the aftermath of a harrowing war in his cherished homeland, Iraq, Dr. Rasheed Fakhri found himself at a crossroads. To stay or to flee.

Julie Papango is a clinical laboratory scientist from the Philippines. She has helped set up MSF laboratories in Cambodia, Uganda, Papua New Guinea, Ethiopia, and South Sudan.

Nyanhial, the 8-year-old girl from Sudan who had a fractured thigh bone resulting from a car accident, successfully undergone fixation surgery in the end of June.

  • Adrilli Anna Robert is a midwife in the maternity ward of a hospital in Lankien, South Sudan.

Performing surgery on a newborn baby is always considered a high-risk procedure, regardless of the location.

I had never imagined that in South Sudan, a place so remote from where I’m from, I would encounter a patient from my own country.

Claudia, a nurse supervisor at MSF's Turgeau Emergency Centre in Port-au-Prince, describes how her team provides vital medical care in the midst of widespread insecurity and economic hardships.

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