City girl in the bush – one

 “I don’t know what I can give to MSF.  But I know what I can give up for MSF.”
Trust me. That’s one of the GENIUS statements that I have even made in my life. 
Submission of application. Wait.  First round interview. Wait. Second round two days intensive interview plus 3 hours professional written test. Wait. Phone call received on Valentines’ day for successful recruitment. 
What next?
Preparation Pre-Departure (PPD) in Stockholm with first missioners from 20 nationalities, position offering for a mission in South Sudan, pre-departure briefing in Brussels and Hong Kong. 
All the sudden, everything is moving so quickly. And simultaneously, there is ONE thing that stuck in my mind: How to pack my 20kg luggage for somewhere with nothing?
What next? 
Two international plus one World Food Programme connection flights. 
Two stopover in Addis Ababa and Juba
“Base Base for Rachel“ 
“Report: City Girl in the Bush“
“Over and Out“
Frequently Asked Question (FAQ):
 “Congratulation. So when and where are you going to?”. 
Standard Answer: 
“Argh (Thinking: Oh Dear. Again???). Seriously. I have no clue (Whispering: That’s MSF way.“ )
Rachel CHEE, Pharmacist from Hong Kong, joined MSF in 2013 and left for her first mission in South Sudan. 


South Sudan