Indonesia: MSF continues support to health centres in Pandeglang, runs additional mobile clinic in flooded villages

To date, MSF is still providing medical support to the Labuan and Carita health centres in Pandeglang.  There are now three MSF mobile clinics in operation, delivering health care to 17 kampongs/villages or health posts. 
As of 02 January 2019, MSF has conducted 472 medical consultations and treatments, with 316 female patients, 155 male patients and one unrecorded consultation. MSF has also provided pre- and post-natal care to 20 pregnant mothers and conducted medical follow-ups on 15 patients. As previously reported, the most common medical cases encountered consist of upper respiratory tract infections, myalgia, cephalgia, accidental trauma, and skin infections. At this point, medicine stocks in the health centers and mobile clinic are now depleted and more are needed to support the ongoing medical services. 
An MSF team has been dispatched to assess the needs of those affected by the rains and flooding that occurred on 1st January in the kampongs/villages of Cigondang and Sukamaju. A mobile clinic is also operating and providing medical care to the people in one of the aforementioned kampongs. It is expected that MSF will provide more interventions in said kampongs in the coming days pending the result of the full assessment. 
To date, the MSF team consists of 25 people: doctors, nurses, health promoters, midwife, counselor, logistics, human resource and as well as admin staff.