IPC Specialist


Infection Prevention and Control (IPC) Specialist is responsible for the Infection Prevention and Control activities and leads the development and maintenance of an IPC program in the project, in order to strive for the safety of patients, caretakers and staff and to enhance the quality of care.

Role of IPC Specialist includes:

MSF IPC Policy will focus on 3 priority pillars: 1/ Hand hygiene, 2/ Environmental cleaning and disinfection, re-processing of medical equipment, 3/ Transmission-based precaution.
Therefore some of the roles of IPC Specialist are:

  • Ensuring the implementation of the standard and transmission-based precautions in the health structures in all departments in collaboration with each service activity manager using existing tools (guidelins, checklist, audit forms, trainings).
  • Providing technical supervision and guidance to the staff in all departments including sterilization, laundy and kitchen.
  • Develop multimodal strategies to improve IPC in the facilities, for example : initiate system change (availability of the appropriate infrastructure and supplies); organize training; perform monitoring and give feedback.
  • Promoting a stepwise IPC improvement approach, tailored to the local context.


  • IPC diploma is essential
  • Medical or paramedical background: Nursing degree / Medical Doctor / Epidemiologist /Pharmacist degree / Microbiologist
  • Desirable: Diploma in tropical medicine or at least 1 year of relevant working experience in a tropical context
  • Minimum 2 years of relevant working experience in IPC in hospital settings
  • Minimum availability is 6 month per each assignment
  • Adhere to our Behavioral Commitments and MSF Charter


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