MSF Hong Kong has stopped receiving earmarked funds for the tsunami victims

We kindly request the Hong Kong public to donate to the MSF worldwide Medical Relief Fund

Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) in Hong Kong has received an extraordinary outpouring of support for its emergency medical work in the wake of the tsunami. The organization has raised more than HKD 17 million by 31st December 2004. Worldwide, MSF has raised more than 41 million Euro to address the needs of the populations in the affected countries.

As a result of this massive support from our supporters MSF has stopped receiving specific funding for its work for the earthquake and tsunami victims. All earmarked funds raised to date will be used in the affected countries.

"We have an ethical responsibility to inform the Hong Kong public that MSF has reached its fundraising target and for the time being our operations can not consume more funds", says Dick van der Tak the Executive Director of MSF in Hong Kong. "We realize that some people will not immediately understand our decision, but we have the responsibility to be transparent, as people expect that their donation will be spent on the proper cause."
Thanks to the generosity of our supporters, our teams are working in five affected countries (Indonesia, Sri Lanka, India, Thailand and Burma) providing emergency assistance to people affected by this disaster and carrying out multiple assessments in the region in order to determine how MSF can provide the most effective aid to those in need. We will continue to assess our financial needs as the scope of our organizations in the affected areas becomes clearer over the coming days.

We kindly request the Hong Kong public to donate to the MSF Worldwide Medical Relief Fund, which is enabling our quick response to the current disaster in Asia as well as humanitarian needs in war-torn Darfur, Sudan and elsewhere in the over 70 countries where MSF is working. The MSF Worldwide Medical Relief Fund provides a resource for MSF to draw upon immediately when a crisis occurs, allowing quick response to events where the speed of our response is crucial to saving lives.

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