Nigeria: Emergency response to Meningitis and Measles; Malnutrition screening in Yobe

A vaccination campaign against meningitis ends in the state of Katsina, while another campaign against measles, begins in the state of Yobe, northeast  Nigeria.

MSF's meningitis emergency response in the state of Katsina, northern Nigeria, ended in early June. MSF and teams vaccinated approximately 100,000 children and 422 patients were treated in health centers supported by MSF. Meanwhile, another team in the northeast state of Yobe, treated 280 patients suffering from meningitis.

After meningitis, measles

In Yobe, teams detected another epidemic: measles. Approximately 1500 cases of measles were treated in health centers supported by MSF. MSF provided training of health personnel, drug supplies, and helped establish new health facilities for patients.

A vaccination campaign against measles began June 4 in Yobe. For one month, 15 teams will administer vaccines to 192,000 children aged six months to fifteen years. Each team is comprised of twelve people, including staff from the Nigeria Ministry of Health. The children will also receive vitamin A to prevent eye complications caused by measles.

Nutritional screening

The teams will also begin conducting malnutrition screenings for children under five years. Already, 80 children suffering from severe malnutrition have been treated. The screening will estimate the number of children in need of treatment for malnutrition, whether brought on by measles or not. Five referral hospitals have been designated for treating children identified by the vaccination teams.