Operating Theater Nurse

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Organize and carry-out all nursing activities related to the operating theatre (OT) running, according to MSF health protocols, universal hygienic standards and in coordination with the surgeon and anaesthetist, in order to ensure a smooth functioning of the surgical activities (pre, during and post-operative care) offered to patients.

Some of the responsibilities as OT Nurse include : 

  • Ensure the preparation of the material and equipment (checking the quantity and quality), in the OT and, carry-out the reception and, transport of the patient from the preparation room to the OT, and ensureing his/her installation for surgery.

  • Assist the surgeon and anaesthetist during the operation, anticipating their needs, in order to facilitate their job and helping throughout the whole process.

  • Organise the patient’s transport and installation from the operating theatre to the recovery room and carry-out and/or supervise all the post-operative activities (used material collection, OT’s cleaning and disinfection, resetting all equipment and material back), in order to prepare the OT for next surgical intervention or any emergency.

  • Implement and follow-up the hygiene, sterilisation, asepsis and disinfection protocols and procedures at all times, in pre, during and post-operative activities, in order to ensure the patient and staff’s safety conditions. i.e. waste containers availability, sharps container, checking no material or needles remained in the surgical towels, placing instruments into soak container, take instruments/linen to sterilisation unit, etc.).

  • Control all equipment and material stock to be used in the OT, in order to ensure an efficient and rationale use of material resources while preventing damage and deterioration.


  • Licensed with 2 years of experience in operating theater
  • Experience in general surgery, trauma, orthopaedics and/or obstetrics
  • Training and people management experience highly preferred 
  • Ability to work in a low resource environment
  • Availability of 3-6 months per each assignment 
  • Adhere to our Behavioral Commitments and MSF Charter


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