Same faith, same goal

South Sudan, the name of a country rarely heard in Hong Kong. This is where I work for MSF this time. 
Unlike my three previous missions in the South Asia, this is the first time I work for MSF in an African project. 
South Sudan, since 2011 become independent from Sudan, has been suffering a lot from wars & conflicts. Without a consolidated economic background, one can easily imagine how much the South Sudanese suffers. Actually over 85% of its resources on the health care system rely on a number of international NGOs, with us, the MSF, being one of the most important organisations here. 
Our project is located in Gogrial, situated towards the north of the country near the border with Sudan. We have to take several inland flights from the captial Juba airport before arrival. Our aircraft is designated for the transportation of international humanitarian volunteer and supplies. There are almost thirty passengers in our first flight, serving for at least ten different NGOs. Although all of us are heading to different destinations, we all share the same faith, same goal, hoping to do our best for the people here. And we know that, even if our effort is relatively tiny, we will never stop and give up, never!
South Sudan