I am now in Islamabad, the capital of Pakistan, and have been waiting for a week for a special permit to my workplace, Pakistan's Chaman.
Chaman is in the north-west of Pakistan, only a few kilometers across Afghanistan. Based on security issues, Pakistan's government has a very strict control about the access to that region and foreigners must have a special permit to enter. What? Traveling?  Don’t be kidding! ! I am therefore forced to stay in Islamabad, waiting for permission.
During the waiting period, my colleague and I made the transition work, because he was also waiting a permit to go back to Chaman Hospital, we thus had to do the handover in Islamabad instead of Chaman. I asked him a rather silly question “ We are both not in Chaman hospital,  if they have any enquiries, what will they do ? ” .  The question was not finished yet, his mobile phone rang, and he waved the phone on me with a smile, the answer has been written on his face, I realized. This was a call from Chaman hospital, saying it was a patient who got seriously injured on his right hand because of bomb blast accident few days ago, they urgent needed to consult with us.
There is where I am going to work for the next nine months. I am waiting to work with my team, and I know they are also waiting for me. Waiting ....... look forward to.
CHIU Cheuk Pong, nurse from Hong Kong, joined MSF in 2013 and was sent to Pakistan for his first mission.