Yesterday, I celebrated International Women’s Day which is essentially a day of solidarity for women fighting for human rights in different aspects of life.
I knew it.
I arrived back here in Khost two days ago and have been busy making my way around the maternity saying ‘as-salamu alaykum’ to all the familiar faces.
Just my luck.
A three-months break and I’m back in Afghanistan! I landed with good sunny weather, early in the morning when the heat had not yet set in.
The supervisor of the Maternity is a Congolese midwife, Fruraha. Even before I met her, I was told that she is very experienced and smart in management; as a doctor I am supposed to give her enough space for her to work.
It has been one week since I arrived in the field. Assigned to live in a tukul that is facing the volleyball court, when someone is playing, the door has to be locked otherwise the ball will easily be hit into my room.
Emergent Caesarean Section for obstructed labor and the lady had a CS with transverse incision for the same indication 3 years ago.
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